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Setting Unusual Gemstones PDF Tutorial

Have an unusual stone that you have been itching to use but just can’t use because it’s too pretty? Learn how to set an unusual stone that is flat on the bottom using prongs and a type of channel setting. Students need to bring their own gemstone.

You will learn:
How to design a custom setting, saw, file, texture, polish, and set their gemstone.

Some silversmithing experience helpful.

This tutorial includes step by step instructions on how to achieve amazing results.

It is 16 pages long and contains photographs and samples of every step.

This tutorial is all about how to make and shape my wave bangle design. It goes over basic coloring techniques. For in depth coloring techniques please check out my Liver of Sulfur Secrets Tutorial.

This tutorial can be done with a basic silversmithing torch such as a plumbers propane torch all the way up to a Acetylene or Little Torch and basic silversmithing tools.

Setting Unusual Gemstones PDF Tutorial