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Classes FAQ

What does class include:

Class includes all tools and materials needed to make the project unless otherwise stated. Some classes require the student to bring a gemstone.  Gemstones will be available for purchase in the classroom. Students are recommended to wear any type of apron to keep their clothing clean as some of the process' can be messy. Please bring magnification if needed as you are looking at small things and gemstones :) I am unsure of the lighting in this classroom. Last year my classroom was quite dark, so if you have a task lamp I recommend bringing it.

Kit Fees:

Kit Fees include not only the metal but all the tools and supplies you will using in class. Here is a list of just some of the materials included in your kit that are not provided for by the show:

Use of all tools shipped from Canada, your kit fee helps pay for my pallet to come to the show and back. Metals, gemstones, solder, flux, pickle, sandpaper, sawblades, drill bits, beeswax, dish soap, paper towels, polishing compound, sanding discs, paper, sharpies, gas costs (acetalyne, Oxygen and Propane), enamel and klyr fire, sand casting sand, baby powder, gloves, masks, safety glasses, patinas, gold plating chemicals, lacquer, binding wire, stone protectants. Replacement of missing or damaged tools, Replacement of melted or damaged pieces so you can continue your project.

Cash is always greatly accepted, we can no longer accept cheques. Credit cards can be used at the show. To speed up time in line at the beginning of class you can pre purchase your kit here on my website. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars so it will convert to USD on your credit card statements.

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