Stone in Place Sand Casting - Zoom- January 12th, 2021
Learn this low tech way to cast your very own solid rings without the use of big equipment. Learn how to cast sterling silver shapes that would otherwise be hard to make in a home studio and embellish with cast stone in place gemstones. Perfect gems to add into your casting include Sea Glass, River Stones, Cubic Zirconia!
6 Hour 10-5pm MST
January 12th 2021
Tools Needed Divider Pliers: chain nose, round nose, cutters, Metal Ruler, Ring mandrel, Rawhide or nylon mallet, Flat Metal Hammer, Jewelers' saw frame Saw blades (size #1 Skip a Tooth) Bastard hand files, flat & 1/2 round, Sanding stick, Inside sanding mandrel,320 & 400  grit sandpaper, Permanent fine tipped marker, Burnisher, Torch - A two fuel system or Map Gas for melting the metal, 3 Large Fire brick, Tweezers , Copper tongs, Pickle pot Brass brush, Dish Soap, Liver of sulfur or silver blackener, Fine inside ring bur, Tripod and mesh screen, Handheld rotary tool (Flex-shaft, Foredom, Dremel or similar Polishing machine (a handheld rotary tool can also do this), Tripoli polishing compound, Sterling Silver Scrap or casting grain 25 grams per ring, Sand Casting Sand, Container to hold sand, Sand Casting Flask, Crucible in Handle, Borax Paint Brush, 3D Ring Forms -available on my website, Baby Powder and Cheesecloth
Materials in Tool Kit: Little Rock Sand Caster, Sand Casting Sand, Round and Square Ring Blank Sets, shipping $145
Meeting Link will be emailed one week before class

Stone in Place Sand Casting - Zoom- January 12th, 2021