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Nano Gem 3mm or 2.5mm Round Citrine Dark

Great for tube setting, sand casting, silver clay,  and stone in place setting bur metalsmithing techniques.
Color: Citrine Dark
Diamond Faceted Cut
Size: Choose 3mm  Or 2.5mm

For use with these tutorials:

Diamond Faceted Cut

Heat resistant up to 1650F

Nanosital or Nano Crystal gemstone - is the glass-ceramic material with nano sized (10m) crystals of Spinel in an aluminosilicate glass matrix, which is not special glass and it is not synthetic crystal or mineral - it is their hybrid. This composite material has unique physical and optical properties: Color (homogeneous and even), Density (3-3.3g/cm³), Luster (RI=1.61-1.64); Melting temperature (more than 1650 C°) and high thermal shock resistance make this material ideally compatible with the wax-casting technology.

Nanosital or Nano Crystal gemstone are a new type of created gemstone made especially for jewellery. The colour is homogeneous, meaning that if you bought 100 emerald green nano crystal stones, the colour would be exactly the same in every stone. The material has been created with precious metal clay in mind, so any size gem should be kiln safe and blow torch safe with out colour change or damage.

Nanosital or Nano Crystal gemstone does not contain any health hazardous contaminants (lead, arsenum, cadmium)

Hardness: 7 on Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.65-1.7
Specific Gravity: 3.5-4
Dispersion: 0.015
Melting Point: 1700 degrees Celcius

Nano Gem 3mm or 2.5mm Round Citrine Dark