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Flush Set Pebble Rings - Zoom- December 9th, 2021

Learn how to make a set of stacking rings with the main ring containing a professionally set faceted gemstone. Learn how to professionally flush/gypsy-set your very own center ring.


3 Hour 6:30-9:30

December 9th

All Levels


Kit $45

Materials in Kit: Sterling Silver Wire, Fine Silver Scrap, Cubic Zirconia Gemstones, Shipping


Tools Needed: Ring Mandrel with Groove ,Anvil, flat Bench Pin ,Rawhide or nylon mallet, Sawframe, 3/0 sawblades, Goldsmith or ball pein hammer, Hand file, flat Needle file set, Sandpaper, 320- or 400-grit, Sanding stick, Inside ring sanding mandrel, Centre Punch (automatic is awesome for this project), Torch (any type o f torch will work for this project), Fire brick, Tweezers & Pick, Third arm Flux (liquid,) Solder cutters, Sterling solder sheet, Copper tongs, Pickle pot, Brass brush, Dish Soap,  Handheld rotary tool (Flex-shaft, Foredom, Dremel or similar Polishing machine (a handheld rotary tool can also do this) Tripoli & rouge polishing compounds, Snapon Sanding Discs,  1-1.5mm Drill bit 2-2.5mm Ball Bur 2.5mm,   3mm Setting, Bearing or Hart bur, Booger stick (beeswax on the end of a toothpick), Bezel Helper or Hammer Hand piece -bezel helper is available on my website


12 or 14ga Round Sterling Silver Wire I like to make three at a time. Fine Silver Scrap or Grain, Sterling can be substituted. 3mm Faceted Gemstone, cubics are great to start with as they are hard, can take heat if the setting needs to be re soldered and cheap to replace.


Materials in Tool Kit: Sterling Silve Wire to make three rings, fine silver grain, 3mm synthetic gemstones, shipping.



Meeting Link will be emailed one week before class

Flush Set Pebble Rings - Zoom- December 9th, 2021

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