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Classes FAQ

What does class include:

Class includes all tools and materials needed to make the project unless otherwise stated. Some classes require the student to bring a gemstone.  Gemstones will be available for purchase in the classroom. Students are recommended to wear any type of apron to keep their clothing clean as some of the process' can be messy. Please bring magnification if needed as you are looking at small things and gemstones :)

Why is the kit fee separate:

Many students like to sign up for multiple classes. This spreads out the price of the class. Metal prices can be very volatile. Collecting the kit fee the day of class allows me to adjust the metal in the kits as needed, so I do not lose money once class has started if prices have gone up and you are not surprised with an extra fee.


30 days before class I have paid for the hall, booked accommodation and travel expenses. If you cannot make the class and have only 7 days until class let me know ASAP so that I can try to sell your spot for you.

Many classes have a waitlist. 

Over 30+ days notice : Full Refund or Can Transfer to Next Round

Under 30 Days Notice: Transfers Only

7 Days before Class: No Refunds and No Transfers. I will try to sell your space for you.

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